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Clean Sketches
Zilo Sketch by DracKeagan
Sadness Within by DracKeagan
Bryson WIP by DracKeagan
WIP four luims WIP by DracKeagan
What did you call me?! WIP by DracKeagan
If you would like a Clean Sketch, it would me nice and dark, like the 1st example. These are only 50 :points:
Single Linearts
Full body. Add 15 :points: for each additional char.
Free Warrior Cat Line Art By Drackeagan-d55zriq by DracKeagan  Warrior Lineart 1 by DracKeagan Realistic Full Body Free Line Art By Drackeagan-d4 by DracKeagan
Head shots/ Busts
Head shots, including shading
Angry Brianna by DracKeagan Random Request 1 by DracKeaganRagecommish by DracKeagan
Add 15 :points: per additional Char Three Amigos by DracKeagan
MLP Pony Customs
Here I will take the colors you want and I will make you a Custom pony. I feel confident enough to take a few. Here are a few examples of my drawing Style for them. They will include a simple BG and I can throw in an additional head shot. As Long as it does not start becoming a Ref sheet.
VocalMic Full Body by DracKeaganPony Jumble by DracKeaganSkyCanvas Head Shot by DracKeaganVocalMic by DracKeaganWeee by DracKeaganApple jack by DracKeagan
Full body with shading no or simple BG/ and detailed BG
ADD 20 :points: per extra char. Add 30 :points: For Detailed BG
Gift by DracKeagan Kendo gone wild by DracKeagan Part 2 of Fiddlestick's commish by DracKeagan Reflections by DracKeagan
What a view by DracKeagan Did I do that? by DracKeagan Legolas on a Stroll by DracKeagan
Peaceful Times by DracKeagan Love is in the air by DracKeagan Guess Who? by DracKeagan
Thyst and Tasuki in Love by DracKeagan
Screencaps or Screen Breaks
Up to two chars and let me know if you want a speed paint with any of these!
Sneek Peek 1 by DracKeagan Death Grip by DracKeagan EBC Herb Collection by DracKeagan Zira Screencap by DracKeagan
You will pay! by DracKeagan SPOILER ALERT A silent Farewell by DracKeagan Differences by DracKeagan I wonder... by DracKeagan Serenity by DracKeagan FlameFlash1 by DracKeagan
Anthros and Humans
No / Basic BG Single char. 30 :points:Add Detailed BG for Add 20 :points: for each additional Char.
Heero Yuy by DracKeagan Shinigami by DracKeagan Legolas in Human form by DracKeagan D in Casual Clothes by DracKeagan
I Love Rock N Roll! by DracKeagan Just let it End by DracKeagan Give them what they want! by DracKeaganCan this work? CAUTION SEXUAL THEME by DracKeagan
Custom Character or special requests
Sam and Dean by DracKeagan Castiel by DracKeagan
Ref sheets
These can take a while is why they are so high in points, but I go by 100 :points:=$1.00
If it is a complex Ref sheet with multiple head shots and accessories then the price goes up.

Official Achillies Ref by DracKeagan My Wolf Fursona Senshi by DracKeagan
Survival Bracelets, keychains and collars
Snowwhitesangel's Black and red Paracord Bracelet. by DracKeagan
A Blue and a black keychain examples by DracKeagan
My Survival Bracelet by DracKeagan
Paracord Options 2 by DracKeagan
Paracord options 3 by DracKeagan
Paracord options 1 by DracKeagan
I make 550 para cord survival Bracelets, keychains and Collars. Price goes up with adding a second color. Examples here…  For some reason I cannot get pics on here.

Newest Deviations

I am going through a lot right now. Job searching, family issues, and so please be patient with the commisions. I am trying to get myself back into art acceptable moods, by drawing my chars. I WILL get them done. Just please be patient.


Drac Art for Me

This is for all Drac Art made for me as Gifts, Trades and Commissions. Drac is my Official Fursona and was designed for me by :iconmbpanther: I can't thank you enough!Drac Ref Complete CORRECTED by DracKeagan


:heart:A little about Drac.:heart:
She is very kind, brave and fast. She is as tomboy as they come. As a matter of fact, she is commonly mistaken as a male. She is a puma with the Zonkey theme to her. She bears a scar on her left cheek, three on her left shoulder, the outer two small and the middle one longest. Her left eye is blue while her right is green. She wears a silver necklace with a single dog tag shaped pendant with a cross shape cut out. And on her right wrist she wears a camo/or army green survival bracelet. Her bangs usually cover one eye, similar to Angel, but not always and can be sticking straight up. Her front bangs are always black. So if you have any questions about her, please ASK me before placing something on her when drawing her. Thank you to all that draw her for me!

Drac Ref -CO- by MBPantherrequest 4 DracKeagan by tigerpawthecatDrac by BlackbrierAll you gotta do is smile! by SamagirlDrac ID .:Gift:. by Natasha-83Drac Headshot -CO- by MBPantherDrac :JD: by CrazyWhiteArabianDrac by Chipo-H0P3DracKeagan Commission by cobu96DracKeagan Commission 2 by cobu96Trade with DracKeagan by WolfStar113Drac Headshot by NightyDumbBirdsnowscape by cutetoboewolfDrac Sketch by MBPantherSketch commission: Allonia by fursonaloverXDChibi Commission 2 by YusenxAkuroCommission for Drackeagan by RedHeadRage.: DracKeagan Point Commission :. by JayflopDracKeagan Commission 3 by cobu96DracKeagan Commission by ImLookingForTimeDrac COMMISSION by JB-PawstepContest Entry .:Close Up Details:. by XxAnthro16xXDrac icon by DracKeaganCommish - DRAC PREVIEW by KoyukitoriGirlCommish - DRACK by KoyukitoriGirlOne To Protect by BlackbrierDrac by WhilunaPC: drackeagan by TeaiX

PayPal Commissions

Important Info!

Bryson Art Status by DracKeagan :iconpointcommishesclosed: Broken Bryson by DracKeagan

I am closing my point commissions for now. I am sorry. If I owe you one, and you already paid, you will get them, please, patience. However, I feel my work has improved and points are starting to not mean as much to me. The last few commissions I had done for me was PayPal, and I do not regret it. I feel the artist, I know I do, does much better for a money commish verses a point one. PayPal Prices are listed here to make it easy. If you have any questions, ASK ME! I do not bite...hard. I also offer a speed paint for every commission for .50 Cents extra.
What I will and will not draw.

:bulletgreen: Will Draw:
:bulletblue: Animals ( Canine, feline especially, but can do any animal)
:bulletblue: Anime people
:bulletblue: Fight scenes
:bulletblue: Blood
:bulletpurple: Cartoonish
:bulletblue: Realistic
:bulletblue: Semi-Realistic
:bulletred: I WON"T Draw:
:bulletred: Nudity
:bulletred: Sex scenes
:bulletred: Major profanity in dialogue


Icons/Avatars: $0.50
Stamps/Banners: $1.00
Head Shot Sketch: $1.50
Full Sketch: $3.00
Line Art: $4.00-$6.00(Complexity of Details)
Head Shot Flat: $4.00
Head Shot Shaded: $4.50
Full Body Flat: $5.00-$10.00 (Complexity of Details)
Full Body Shaded:$5.50-$11.00 (Complexity of Details)
One Char Full Pic Flat Simple/Minor Detailed BG: $8.00- $12.00 (Complexity)
One Char Full Pic Shaded Detailed Complex BG: $10.00- $14.00 (Complexity)
For Each Additional Char it is $3.00 (Flat Rate)
Custom Characters: $8.00 (Includes Shading)
Ref Sheet: $6.00-$12.00 (Complexity)
Group Portrait Simple BG to Detailed BG (up to 5 chars) is $12.00-$25.00 (Complexity)
Badges: $4.00 Plus Sh (FLAT)
Comic Cover: $12.00-$16.00 (Complexity)
Comic Pages: $13.00-$18.00 Each (Complexity)
Animations $3.00-$30.00 (Complexity)
(Traditional Available upon request)
Headshot: Fully colored and shaded $3.00 (I mail it as well)
Full Body Fuly colored and shaded $5.00 (I mail it as well)
Extra chars: $3.50 each
Full BG and 1 Char: $8.00-$12 (Complexity) ( I mail as well)
With Copics, they are expensive so I have to charge a bit more. Now, before ordering one, please tell me and show me a good pic for a ref, so that I can check if I have the correct or close enough colors. Once confirmed, I will ask for payment, either after uploaded or before. But I will not mail it until payment is received. I Livestream ALL my Copics as well. Questions, please ask!
Commissions Going to PayPal! Point Commishes Closing
My family needs money bad, so I will be charging USD dollars on MOST commishes. ONLY on a few occasions, if its worth it, I will take point commishes. No worries, I WILL finish the ones I am already committed to. Just a lot going on right now, as you can probably see, my \\\"To Do\\\" list is gettin smaller. YAY!
I am closing my point commissions for now. I am sorry. If I owe you one, and you already paid, you will get them, please, patience. However, I feel my work has improved and points are starting to not mean as much to me. The last few commissions I had done for me was PayPal, and I do not regret it. I feel the artist, I know I do, does much better for a money commish verses a point one. PayPal Prices are listed here to make it easy. If you have any questions, ASK ME! I do not bite...hard.
What I will and will not draw.
:bulletgreen: Will Draw:
:bulletblue: Animals ( Canine and Feline especially, but can do any animal)
Commission Price Sheet by DracKeagan

Bryson's Corner

DracKeagan - Ref commission by MwokoziiCommission for DracKeagan by RedHeadRagewhy me so tiny by ChargayLife Happens by KnK-KennyWhat's that? by AkadafeathersBryson by Leland-AdoptsPC: Howling by sanguine-tarsierCommission for:DracKeagan by SparkyGoesRawrBryson Animated Pixel Icon by WolfTwineIf you don't like it... by XaviennaBryson.:ICON COMMISSION:. by Tanchie97Three forms .:PC:. by CremexButterAnthro Commission: Bryson by AmzyTheChangelingSqueaky clean by Whitefeathur:CMSN: DracKeagan by Chaotic--EdgeBryson by Leland-AdoptsBryson - Drackeagan Commission by kiralebiaACEOs Raika and DracKeagan by gaerda:thumb337007595:Headshot Request for DracKeagan by chosaguro:thumb324090894:Bryson Art Status by DracKeaganBroken Bryson by DracKeaganPoint Commission for DracKeagan by chosaguroCommission- DracKeagan by CrazyWhiteArabianSinging Canary by ThisLittleBluebirdMake The World Brighter by kibaandmeBryson Chibi by Ima-FalconBryson w background by Ima-FalconDrac Commission Comic by AmzyTheChangelingSing Along to the Age of Paranoia by NovakstielCommission for DracKeagan by ThisLittleBluebirdPointCom: DracKeagan by AnastasiyaVBChibi Commission 3 by YusenxAkuro



COMMISSION INFOGALLERIESADOPTSMy Wolf Fursona Senshi by DracKeaganThyst and Tasuki in Love by DracKeaganZira Screencap by DracKeaganMy Luim Pride by DracKeaganTrust me Colored by DracKeaganToboe and Kiba by DracKeaganToboe 1 by DracKeagan



:iconvanderdecken-lx: :icondrac-keagan: :icondarkzombieprincess: :iconlerusk: :iconxzhikkax:


Drackeagan Fan Stamp by TheBloodskinsDracKeagan Stamp Commission by LightningStrikeTwiceDracKeagan Support Stamp by MBPantherBloodSkin Stamp by Kitana000I Heart Drac - Stamp Request by WolfTwineI support stamp by RoughLadyMelaserma Stamp by MBPantherwolf stamp by war-armorWolf At Heart Stamp by Thunder113377House Stamp by SpitFire19er:thumb194467790:Wolfs Rain Stamp 5 by SecretKarmaSerenadeRobot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4everEWT stamp by LightningStrikeTwiceWolf's Rain Stamp by thistlesisAnimal lover. by Monster-BoarQuite The Little Actor by azianwolfdollSeth Stamp by AlphaWolfKodijrPhotoshop Stamp by mushirX-TIGRA Stamp by X-TIGRATlkmaster Stamp by X-TIGRAThantes Fan Stamp by X-TIGRASheDeviL143 Stamp by X-TIGRADracKeagan Stamp by X-TIGRACreating Masterpieces by anouki-morgensternLuim Stamp 7 by MwokoziiLuim Stamp 6 by MwokoziiLuim Stamp 4 by MwokoziiLuim Stamp 3 by MwokoziiLuim Stamp 2 by MwokoziiLuim Stamp 1 by MwokoziiSupport Stamp 13 by MwokoziiSupport Stamp 8 by MwokoziiSupport Stamp 5 by MwokoziiSupport Stamp 3 by MwokoziiLuim Stamp 7 by MwokoziiDaily... by prosaix:thumb164577519:Avatar by Chiron178I suppport stamp by Shiningstarofwinter Avatar Stamp by DragonHeartLuverMoonlightCatty Stamp by X-TIGRADisney by SonARTicCharacter Stamp by ArpieTasuki Kouji Stamp by nezukuro:thumb67629305:Wolfs Rain Stamp 6 by SecretKarmaSerenade:thumb116029331:Wacom User :stamp: by AmblygonPaint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedWildlife Artist Stamp by That-One-MidgetI heart Icarus Stamp by SeariiZira Stamp by DJ88Lightning Empire Stamp by NeroioxBy Me, for Me by savagebinnI draw what I want stamp by izka197Photoshop Stamp by mushirdA no sleep by IrockoutloudestNala Drinking - animated stamp by Nala15 I heart Amzy stamp by AmzyTheChangeling:thumb333677280:Chipo Stamp by MBPantherStorm Stamp by MBPanther Bailey Support Stamp by MakonixFushigi Yugi stamp by ElectrikPinkPirateLion King by Jenya88The Lion King - Scar Stamp by Colonel-ChickenOkami Stamp 1 by KixxarBD stamp by ThemystichuskyI'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolfWolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeartReign of Cheederians - Stian by BlackMysticA
Kovu Stamp by RogueLottieAndreas Deja stamp by ParsleyDenizeOkami stamp by THODRAGONFIREOkami-Stamp by DinoclawsKiba Stamp by foxyadder:thumb164577519:wolf's rain stamp by TheTaterTsume Stamp by foxyadder Villains Rule XII by renatalmarTor stamp by TorazTheNomadMawahute Stamp by LightningStrikeTwiceTLKFAAMwokozi Fan Stamp by LightningStrikeTwiceI support Toboe by Foxxie-ChanI Support Kiba by Foxxie-ChanAlways Seeking by WilmsyI Support Kiba by Foxxie-ChanI Support Hige by Foxxie-ChanI support ipanther by INfernoLynxI Draw Animals Stamp by AmethystKirby
Legolas stamp by purgatoriLord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanI Support The Misfits by Kitana000Raptor Stamp by TheBloodskins The Dog Face by azianwolfdollHarry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseVitani Stamp by RogueLottieI'll protect you stamp by RogueLottieWriters are Artists too by TheBloodskinsGerman Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudratHusky Love Stamp by cloudratKiba Stamp by foxyadder
:thumb171983841:Okami Icon - Amaterasu by Skelariswolf stamp by war-armorBBA Stamp Animation by EpiczPicChipo Stamp by LightningStrikeTwiceArtists for Animals Stamp by ArtistsforAnimalsI Support Animal Rights Stamp by devildollStamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie:thumb32641509:Cloud Strife stamp by xselfdestructiveCloud stamp by SitarPlayerIXFFVII Vincent Valentine Stamp by JackdawStampsSephiroth Fan stamp by DAXRULZTrue Friends Stamp by Mirz123Warriors Stamp by GoldencloudArheim Stamp :D by LightningStrikeTwiceI support Drago95 by JasmineHopkins



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United States
DA ID Pic done by the Awesome :iconcobu96: THANK YOU!!!

:new: is used specifically for my animations and voice actors so please anything related to that email here! :new:


Angel and Haylo NOT MY ANIMATION by DracKeaganStamp - US Army by MauserGirlDo not steal my art button by izka197Stamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestelloYOU STEAL, I REPORT stamp by en-niStamp - Tracing Is THEFT. by stop-tracing:thumb83522031:My Artwork, My Copyright Stamp by dragonmunArtist Rights by tarutoCopyright Stamp by PsychoSlaughtermanCopyright Statement 1 by SophibelleOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManNinja Cat Stamp by Gokulover4everStamp: You Never Know... by LittleMissWesker

TrueBlueIcon by DracKeaganJackoleen Wants a brohoof! by AmzyTheChangeling


One of my Best pals! :icondrackeagan: :iconx-artisticcreations: She made the icons!Thyst Icon. by X-ArtisticCreations This is Thyst my other Bloodskin, the first being Siddara.

Now own 2 new species: The MizuInu(Water-dog):thumb347475135: :thumb349077451: Aquaice
And the Chigau(Different- a two headed wolf or dog like creature) :thumb348575699::thumb348575745:Duo. These are a closed species you must adopt or purchase a custom.

FOUNDER of :iconwarriorstakeall: :iconmelasermas::iconwarriorsnewchange:
Co-Founder of :iconhixoros: :iconwarriors-reunited: :iconcityoffallen::iconThe-Auran-Pride
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ACTIVE in :iconempiresbeforeclans: :iconebc-lightning::iconfutrue-of-the-clans::The-Sand-Lands::iconarheim-species:I Am A Proud Member of Future-of-the-clans Stamp by CeruleanOasis:iconbreezeclanplz:
Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoI suppport stamp by Shiningstarofwinter
:icondivider0plz: Live. Love. Laugh :icondivider2plz:

Artist's I Look Up To, In NO Particular Order!

:iconchaotic--edge: :iconwhitefeathur: :iconchargay: :iconmwokozii: :iconchipo-h0p3: :iconkaisertiger: :iconrinermai: :iconflaaffeh: :iconphenoxfire: :iconrazanaaa:
:iconwhiluna: :iconnovakstiel: :iconmbpanther: :iconfrosstbite: :iconakadafeathers: :iconkuteswa: :iconchosaguro: :icondarkodraco: :iconbaileytrave:
NOT PAID Stamp by WolfTwine AWAITING PAYMENT Stamp by WolfTwine PAID Stamp by WolfTwine :iconmclaren-spider:

Visit my Adopt account at :icondrac-adopts: For any and All Adoption business.

Meet My Spark Fox Family:
DracKeagan Custom Spark Fox by iMandarrDracKeagan Lantern Sale #2 Spark Fox Closed by iMandarrDracKeagan Custom2 Spark Fox Closed by iMandarrDracKeagan Custom 3 Spark Fox Closed by iMandarrDracKeagan Custom Spark Fox Closed by iMandarr
Say Hello to LygerCharm: Sitting by KnK-Kenny

breaking dawn by Sandy-Kuriaki4 Eclipse animated icons. by BlackBlushI 'heart' twilight icon by I-make-Icons-4uNM - Jake the Werewolf by MilarcaJacob-Taylor Icon by Mistify24wolf thing by civillyobscene :iconskinnyveestamp: I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate

Angel and Haylo, me and my best mate's :iconhaylo143:fursona's bein silly!
Made by the extremely talented :icondarkmanethewerewolf: Thank you !

Animation buddies by DragonDodo
Thank you buddie! This is awesome!Made by the awesome :icondragondodo:
I Heart Drac - Stamp Request by WolfTwine This was made for me by :iconwolftwine: Thank you!
Feel free to add to your collection but please give proper credit to her and I.
:heart: My Best pal in the world right now! :iconmwokozii: For all her kindness. I did not know someone could be so generous and kind to another Human Being! Thank you, Mwo! :heart: Link to her LS…

Enjoy some great movie clips and animation, the anime is from Toradora, and the first three are Warrior Cats, both by me and others I love!
Below is My very first AMV! I am proud of getting this complete in two weeks! I appreciate comments, but no rude remarks, I worked VERY hard on this and yes I had Wyeth The Cat's permission for referencing her video. The last is a Speed Paint commish I got from a very talented artist to one of my fav songs.

Bryson Art Status by DracKeagan Broken Bryson by DracKeagan Life Happens by KnK-Kenny

:iconwolfpawplz: :iconpointcommissionsopen: DA Stamp - Commissions 010 by tppgraphics :iconrequestsclosed: :iconarttradesfriendsonly: DA Stamp - Requests 002 by tppgraphics :iconkiribansclosed: :iconcommishesopen:DA stamp - Roleplays 005 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Want to Roleplay 01 by tppgraphics :iconwolfpawplz:



:iconokamiplz: :iconbrohoofplz: :icondragonhugplz: :iconspazhugplz: :iconwolfpawplz: :iconwolfhowlplz:


Visit my new Website!

:new:Well folks, I have just started to use Copic Markers and I am in LOVE with them! So I will be opening Copic Commissions, Paypal Only, sorry no points this time, these guys are expensive! But man the quality of these markers are unsurpassed in my time as an Artist. So PLEASE Commission me and you will not be sorry. I only have a few colors right now, but as I get more I will let you all know. I will upload the 1st Copic Pic I drew which is a quick drawing of Angel. I know it is out of the lines some, but still, the effect was what I was after. It has a watercolor bg with sea salt. :new:
I have been drawing since I was a small child. I love to draw animals and anime. I am just now learning CS5 and SAI, so if anyone has any tips that would be great...I attended the Art Institute of Phoenix. I love to create characters from peoples descriptions, Shackle, Revolto and Kiliki are only a couple results of that results of that.

I am now for hire for commissions. Any of my work on here, or any of your chars, or I can create one for you. I also am doing point adoptables and will make exceptions for point commissions sometimes. Otherwise my prices are listed in my journal.. I also have an account on for that style. I have some of that here. My name there is Lady Angel. If you are interested, message me and we can talk more.


UPDATE: I am currently writing a book with the amazingly talented :icondemonwolfatreiyu:: Titled Beyond is nearing completion!
I'm a :star: WOLF lover!!! xD I am A :star: Twilight Fan and Go Team Jacob! :star: I am an :star: Arheim Lover, and a :star: Luim Lover! :star: I am :star: an Achidar lover as well!
What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?
What Wolf's Rain Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Current Residence: Medina Ohio
deviantWEAR sizing preference: xsmall-small
Favourite genre of music: Country and soundtrack
Favourite style of art: Digital and Traditional
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Favourite cartoon character: Scar from Lion King
Personal Quote: " A PERSON is smart but People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it!" Live.Love.Laugh

drackeagan pc by meeshapom


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So I can commission awesome people!

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 10, 2014, 10:21 AM
Hello all,
I am still using my Alternate account, :icondrac-keagan: Until I find a way or the time to transfer everything back to here. So be patient with me. I am active all the time on that account. So sorry guys. This account was hacked as I am sure most of you are aware, and by the time the DA office got it corrected I had had my new account for a bit.
So, yeah I am gonna try and move everything back here, and not have to bounce back and forth. But if you need me, use my other account for now.

Thanks Guys


Nap Time by Hoverpelt

I just started writing critiques like 2 days ago. I like to do them, they are fun. Anyway about this wonderful art. For one you like ne...

COM: Wolf's Play by DangerousBallOfFur

The shepherd seems to be a bit thin in the face, but other then that this pic is great! The proportions are good, the lighting and shad...

New To Do List

Bryson Art Status by DracKeaganBlack Lace Everything -  CLOSED by iDaphodil
Paypal Stamp by artist4com & I ACCEPT POINTS COMMISSIONS by fordonia COMMISSIONS

Note me stamp by Joyfool ON COMMISSIONS FOR DETAILS
I do not accept requests by Nana-BeatsI do accept commissions by Nana-BeatsPoint Calculation Stamp by Toucat
Commissions not requests by MariposaBulletRequests stamp by MeganTheRabbitRequests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Art Trades Closed Stamp by Heavy-InamoratoCollabs Closed Stamp by izka197 ONLY THING OPEN IS PARA-CORD PRODUCTS!
Lg Commission Stamp by ChaosKomoriI do accept art trades by Nana-Beats


1 :star: = complete sketch with approval
2 :star::star: s = Lined
3 :star::star::star: s = Complete
:star-half: = Half done with specified stage
:star-empty: = Not Started on Specified Stage
:heart: = Received My Half/ or Commish
:sun: = Awaiting my half
:popcorn: = With Speed Paint

The order I do these in are:
Dollar Bill by TheRyanFord:twocents:Paid for commissions:Dollar Bill by TheRyanFord:twocents:
Twitterlu Big Sketch Book Auction :star: :star-half: :star-empty:

:iconsnowwhitesangel: Her two wolf OC's kissing in Copic/SB Red and Black
Status;COMPLETE:star::star::star:(SB COMPLETE)

:points: POINT COMMISSIONS :points:
Forever-Frost Bobcat line art :star-empty:
Fiddlestik Commish:star-empty: ::-?:
Chibiteretsu Line art female spiky bob tail kitten LA :star:


ChatterFox AT of Fireheart and Spottedleaf/Whitestorm and Sandpaw with speedpaint. :star: :star: :star-empty: :heart:
Tailwalker AT of Hurricane with speed paint. :star-empty:/ Cisco with SP :sun:
RedHeadRage AT Turn Tiki into a char with green collar, :star: :star-half::star-empty: :heart:
thetelltaleheart… with a simple BG :star-empty: :sun:
Natasha-83 Greystripe pic for a char. :sun:
Rametic Initary :star-empty: :heart:
Mwokozii Aiolos full body/ Drac full body


Assignments for Groups

New Ref Sheet for Achillies in EBC :star: :star-empty:
Ref Sheets for my OCs

Requests: CLOSED
Adopts: ON HOLD
Breedings CLOSED
Line Art Commishes: CLOSED 1 (winged cat )
Prizes: NONE
Blinking Icons: CLOSED


:star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:= Not started( thinking)
:star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: = sketched (awaiting approval)
:star: :star-half: :star-empty:= Sketched and line art done
:star: :star: :star-half: = Base colors Done/ BG
:star: :star: :star: = Complete
:note: To Self-Must share 50 % of any adopts adopted by Sachishiro lines

Commissions Owed To Me

:iconblackbrier: Drac COMPLETE PAID Drac by Blackbrier
:iconnatasha-83: Drac COMPLETE Drac ID .:Gift:. by Natasha-83
:iconthecalicotabby: Drac PAID Head shot of Hannibal
:iconakapanuka: Drac PAID
:iconwolfstar113: Drac Complete PAID Trade with DracKeagan by WolfStar113
:iconkoyukitorigirl: Drac PAID
:iconsilver-moonwolf: Drac sketch FREE
:iconnightydumbbird: Drac COMPLETE PAID Drac Headshot by NightyDumbBird
:iconimlookingfortime: Drac PAID
:iconcutetoboewolf: Drac PAID snowscape by cutetoboewolf
:iconsamagirl: Drac COMPLETE All you gotta do is smile! by Samagirl
:iconcobu96: Drac Full/ Anthro Paid 2 of Drac out of 3 DracKeagan Commission by cobu96DracKeagan Commission 2 by cobu96
:iconmbpanther: Head shot of Drac COMPLETE Drac Headshot -CO- by MBPanther
:iconjayflop: Drac Iron Chibi
:iconxeshaire: Feral and Anthro Drac PAIDl:iconcrazywhitearabian: Drac Doll Complete Drac :JD: by CrazyWhiteArabian

Some of my Besties and fav artists! In no particular order.

:iconlightningstriketwice::iconnatasha-83: :iconkitchiki: :icontamberella: :iconastralcookie: :iconbobcat324::iconrosey-adopts::iconchipo-h0p3: :iconmbpanther: :iconsearii: :iconnutty-acorn: :iconsamitham: :iconthedeadlytwig: :iconfrosstbite: :icondemonwolfatreiyu: :iconmwokozii: :iconkainaa: :iconbooyeh: :iconx-tigra: :iconpooniefox: :iconkaisertiger::iconchosaguro: :iconbrennan16: :iconsilana: :iconsilver-moonwolf: :iconthebloodskins: :iconthetelltaleheart: :iconoratusbuffalo: :iconhoneybi: :iconnovakstiel: :icontorazthenomad::iconfiddlestik: :iconelennaaa: :iconjypg: :iconleonoy: :iconsjsaberfan: :iconfeatherwind21: :iconwhitefeathur: :iconatherra: :iconthenightryderwolf: :iconkitana000: :iconsunitawolf: :iconxmizanx: :icondotarari: :icondemonwolfatreiyu: :iconwolfradio: :icondemoniatheguardian: :iconhaylo143: :iconphenoxfire: :iconkuteswa: :iconwhiluna: :iconiva-inkling: :iconnightshrowd7-17::iconfates-exile::icondragondodo: :iconpuresoulsforever::iconyuseninnocentwarrior:

Artist Feature

An Awesome young artist well on their way to success. Go watch her!
For Awesome Warrior Art!
Scourge by hiomingTigerclaw by hioming

Group Feature

Check out this group It will be accepting Members on NOW. So get your app in now!!! Here is mine

Pumablsize app by DracKeagan Of BreezeClan

City Of Fallen, The Blood Brothers

Leader of The Blood BrothersMontague by DracKeagan
I am Montague, Leader of the cat gang named The Blood Brothers. My Second in Command, is Kore. He and I have been friends since kits. I run my Gang like a family. We keep each other safe, and protect each other from others that would do us harm. There are four other Gangs in this place. If interested in joining, please check us out, we are looking for more recruits not only in my gang but the others as well :iconcityoffallen:
Second in Command Kore
:thumb358419924:I'll Burn This City by cucumberley



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BundyNaan Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

huhu =)

long time ago you adopted something from me ^^

I wanted to know if you drew it yet or someone other =)

I love to see art of them ;) when not it is okay

whould be great wehn you show me if you have some pictures ;D

just want to know =)

lordinheaven Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
hi its been for ever seces we talked whats up
DracKeagan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
new account :icondrac-keagan:
lordinheaven Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
sorry for the such late reply i was at my sisters hows for the mouth I will check it out
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Hey Drac~! :3 Rukia-Kuchiki-Chan here xD Been forever~!!!
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new account :icondrac-keagan:
Lizzara Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanted to ask, if you still remember our trade, cause it's already a long time ago. I didn't get your part though ^^;
my part was: 
Design trade for DracKeagan by Lizzara
DracKeagan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
new account :icondrac-keagan:
Lizzara Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yes I saw xD I wrote to you already^^
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